How Facebook can Boost Your Business

Some small business owners are still unaware of or are skeptical about the benefits of social media. Maybe you use social media in your personal life, but don’t know how to utilize it for your business…or maybe you just don’t “believe” in social media all together. With over 1 BILLION users on Facebook, it is currently one of the most effective social media platforms for small businesses to gain free exposure to a targeted market. Here are a few main reasons to create an active Facebook account for your small business today:

Connect with your audience

  • Through your posts, your business will develop a personality for users to connect with, and just being present on Facebook will put you on their radar the next time they’re looking for the products or services you provide.
  • Learn what your customers like and don’t like by asking for feedback, posting quick surveys or by simply paying attention to which of your posts are responded to and how.
  • Provide an easy mode of 2-way communication. Let your customers post comments and questions through a platform they’re already familiar with and are accessing daily…then, be sure to answer back quickly. This can be a great way to show current and potential customers your great customer service skills!

Gain exposure

  • There are over 40 MILLION small businesses on Facebook. If your competition is utilizing their free space and you’re not, you’re falling behind.
  • Use Facebook’s already established popularity to your advantage. The 1 BILLION people using Facebook encompass all demographics. Many users access Facebook daily, like reading the morning paper; some have it open all day long, so they don’t miss a post. That’s a massive amount of consumers all on a single platform, but Facebook makes it easy to target your specific market without having to do the research.
  • Reach out to your current customers first and they will connect you with a whole new market you may have overlooked or been unable to connect with otherwise.

Drive customers to your business

  • Sure, a main use of Facebook is to keep up with friends and family, but it’s also become a way (sometimes the only way) to learn about special events and discounts. Give your Facebook followers what they want by posting flash sales and Facebook-only specials that will bring them in during off-peak hours.
  • It can be difficult to keep your website current with any variable business details, like a rotating menu, new specials, holiday business hours or special events. A Facebook post is a simple way to keep everyone happily informed.
  • Create Facebook events for big sales, live music or other special events. You’ll get an idea of how many people may attend and the event will stay on a user’s radar, even if they say “maybe” to attendance.

Drive traffic to your site

  • Having an active Facebook account with public posts (able to be indexed by search engines) and links back to your site is one more way you can prove your business’s legitimacy to Google, helping to improve your page rank.

Free marketing at your fingertips

  • It’s free…FREE! What have you got to lose?
  • If you’re just starting up and don’t yet have the time or money to develop your own website, Facebook is at least a place to start.
  • Facebook is built around friendships and sharing. The most trustworthy referral is one that comes from a friend because authentic word of mouth advertising can’t be bought.
  • Let Facebook spend the time and money developing tools that target your customers. For instance, Place Tips allows customers to see targeted content while they are in your place of business. Your most recent posts and specials, along with content including tips and experiences mentioned by other customers will pop up at the top of their feed when it’s most relevant to them.

It’s already mobile friendly

  • Facebook’s free app lets users access it anywhere, from any device. This is important: users who are searching for a place to eat, drink, shop or sleep while they are on the go are ready to make an immediate purchase. Hopefully your business website is mobile friendly (or it’s being punished in Google search rank). If it’s not…or if you don’t have a website yet, a Facebook business page will increase your chance of being found by mobile users searching for your product or services in the most important moment…when they’re ready to buy!

If your business does not yet have a Facebook presence, you’re falling behind. Set up a free business account today and watch your business thrive! Give us a call to find out how we can help manage your Facebook business account, provide training or just help you get started: 303-940-5544.