Don’t Stop Marketing When You’re Busy

When you have more work than you can handle, marketing can be easy to forget, so here are a few reminders of why you need to keep marketing and what might happen if you stop.

Marketing is Cyclical

The most common marketing mistake people make is to cease all marketing efforts when the workload becomes too much. It doesn’t seem to make sense to drum up more business when you’ve already got more than you can handle, and you don’t have the time to spend on marketing anyway. But take a minute to think about where all of that work has come from; it didn’t just pop up out of nowhere. The work that’s keeping you busy now is likely the result of weeks, months or years of actively marketing your business. If you stop now, any existing leads could dry up and with no marketing efforts in place to drive in new traffic, you could very well come to a complete standstill once your current projects have been completed. It may be hard to market when you’re busy, but it’s even harder to market when you’re desperate and low on funds.

Marketing has a cyclical nature and in order to work long term, the cycle must be continuous, never broken. The success and stability of your business relies on continuous marketing, even when you’re busier than ever.

Use the Marketing Cycles to Your Advantage

Increase Marketing Efforts During Slow Times

Be sure to budget for a year long marketing plan. It may even be a good idea to reserve extra funds for use during an anticipated slow down. Make the most of your extra time by putting together a marketing plan for the following year, giving special attention to creative content and design. Review what has been working, research new trends and come up with some new things to try.

Grow Your Business During Busy Times

Don’t let an increased workload keep you from growing; this is the perfect time to hire on some additional staff. Make room in your schedule to train a personal assistant, customer service representative, marketing manager or account manager…whatever position would most effectively relieve your workload. It will be worth it! If you’re nervous about taking on your first employees or aren’t sure you can sustain their salary when you run into your next business lull, try starting with part-time or temporary contract work. The amount of additional business they will help you take on may lead to increased business year round, allowing you to confidently bring them on as full time staff. Whoever you enlist for help, make sure they’re knowledgeable about your company and are able to discuss your products or services, potentially leading to more sales. If the term “sales training” sounds overwhelming, let Thrive4 take the wheel. We are passionate about making every employee a proponent of your company.

A Final Word of Warning

If you believe that your business will somehow not be affected by taking a break from marketing, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • If you stop running PPC ads, your ranking will likely drop, decreasing traffic to your site or establishment.
  • When you stop running ads or commercials, you are stepping out from in front of potential clients and making room for someone else to step in. Your audience will soon forget you exist.
  • Studies show that it takes several “touches” before a consumer feels that they can trust a business enough to purchase their product or service. If you stop advertising, you may miss out on potential customers right before they were ready to make a commitment, but if you stay consistent, you’ve given it your best shot.
  • Marketing results are not instant. If you unexpectedly find yourself desperate for business, you may be forced to cough up marketing dollars and then endure an uncomfortable wait for leads to come in.

Take our advice: jump into marketing, make a year long plan, commit to it for the success of your business, and don’t look back. As always, we are here to help your business thrive. Contact us with questions or whatever support you need in creating and maintaining an effective marketing plan: 303-940-5544