A Refreshing New Approach to Sales

Over the course of the past few years, I have lead close to a hundred seminars on sales training and how to develop strong, long lasting customer relationships. I continue to evolve my seminars in order to keep the message relevant, educational and entertaining. So, I’m open to the fact that there’s always room to learn and grow. However, a recent interaction with CEO of Security Central, Jordan Jackson, really made me rethink my whole approach to sales. Something that’s not easy to admit after dedicating nearly 35 years of my life to the industry.

This client, who claims to be clueless when it comes to sales, made a comment that was just common sense to him, but sparked a revelation in me.

Jordan said that he really doesn’t “sell” anything; instead, he gets his customers to “buy” from him.

Think about that. It’s very simple but so spot on.

Simply connecting with people on a human level and letting them know how you can help them is far more effective and less stressful than trying to deliver a perfect pitch and sweating over what might happen if you don’t make an individual sale. People can sense insecurity and desperation; they BUY from people they like, trust and respect.

This insight has had a major impact on my overall approach to sales. My core simplified message of selling continues to evolve, but I have shifted my focus dramatically to convey just how important the value propositions are when creating buying customers. We must truly be concerned with “why” we are worth investing in. If we keep this in mind, closing a buying agreement becomes much more organic and attainable. Create a win/win for the customer and everyone enjoys more success.