TV & Radio Advertising Affects Analytics

Traditional media is not dead…and we have proof!

Thrive4 has over two decades of experience in advertising through television and radio for a variety of different industries. Even with the introduction of DVRs and streaming music, we still see web traffic improve greatly when our TV and radio ads are running. With the help of Google Analytics, we were able to report these exact results for one of our clients. Beaber Family Orthodontics asked us to update their website and build a marketing plan to encourage business growth. At the initial launch, the new site was getting sub-par web traffic, but not enough to satisfy our expectations. However, once the TV and radio ads launched, we saw traffic increase by 600%! As the ads continue to run, they have leveled out at about 300% of the traffic they were originally getting. Google Analytics also makes it possible to see which days of the week and what hours of the day are getting the most traffic, which helps us target the days and times we want our commercials to run.

Beaber Family Orthodontics